Friday, April 3, 2009

Let's Get Animated!

A commission by JKR. I actually found a commission from him quite intimidating considering he's a very well accomplished artist himself. Hardest part of this? Probably the deadline. Other than that, it was a piece I've fairly enjoyed drawing.

So here's Erin, teasingly chewing on an insurance paper.


Esurance doesn't use paper. Aren't they supposed to be trying to save the environment? :P

In other news......

I've almost completed my move to my new DA account. It's interesting to see who's actually been following my art and who isn't. It's also quite refreshing to start anew without the unsavory individuals messing the mood.
I'm probably one of the rare type of artist who gets annoyed with his watchers on a fairly regular basis. I find that more and more of them happen to be those who look at toon porn.

I used to be very conservative back when I was drawing fanart 2 or 3 years ago and I've always been open minded on new things and people. I myself decided to interact with the toon-erotica community only very recently. However I find that these sort of people aren't necessarily the best or brightest people to get feeback from and I have been quite naive into thinking so. They are usually looking for the newest picture to pleasure themselves on and move on to the next one. To put on top of that, once they find art that they like better, they will usually treat you like dirt.

I find feedback from these people extremely difficult to interpret as genuine, or just general ass-kissing so that they can get hopes of requesting some art off the artist. I find that behavior extremely parasitic. Which is why I brutally interrogate the people who look at toon porn more than the average art appreciator.

I suppose this is why I am slowly shifting back to the conservative end of the spectrum, but not completely. I might try an explicit picture in the far or near future, but truth be told that I think the best niche would be with pinup art at SFToon's level.
The most fun I've had was drawing with him like with the LBD battle and such. It's a position that 14-Bis and Fluffy have also taken quite a while ago, and chatting with them revealed they had experienced similar problems. That conservative followers are religious nutcases, and on the other side of the spectrum, the porn-loving viewers who turn out to be parasitic morons.

The best ones we come across are those who are in the middle, who don't exclusively look at toon porn and who can appreciate a well drawn piece of art enough to give meaningful feedback and advice.

To be fair, I also surf toon erotica from time to time, but it's only because that I find gems of art from artists like GForce that I have this habit. There are a few, like DarkDP, who can still appreciate a good pinup pic without being parasitic about it. But they are far and few in between and I make very few exceptions. I don't condemn the genre of erotic toon art, I just dislike most of the people involved with it to some degree and the bad attitudes they have.

End of rant. For now :)