Saturday, February 7, 2009

For the love for women

I have an update for some new artwork that I've taken an interest in. As I'm trying to give erotic art a go, it somehow doesn't give the same drive and sex appeal as pinups.

As I've dwelled into more research into other artists I have acquired some comics by those who's artwork are beginning to flare up my pin-up mind. :)

Terry Dodson's "Songes"

While I was aware of Mr. Dodson's artwork with Harley Quinn, I was not aware of a comic that he had made entitled "Songes" which featured a young lady who is hired by an eccentric inventor as a governess, but at night she has some interesting dreams. The comic is in French, but as many had said before it, it isn't necessary to understand French to enjoy the comic. There's not much nudity to be seen through the comic but the power of it is in the incredible tease it has on the reader. The main character just has an aura of sexuality that makes you want to turn the page to see what she will do next.

Vincenzo Cucca's "La Route des Maisons Rouges" (The Road of the Red Houses)

An interesting graphic novel illustrated by an Italian artist known as Vincenzo Cucca.

A synopsis written by the CluelessInsider blog describes: "When the mayor announces that the least profitable house will be shut down to make room for a casino, a creative race to increase business begins. Six houses of debauchery compete to attract clients to their respective sexual paradises."

As what was said, the book itself is a massive excuse for Mr. Cucca to exhibit his pin-up drawing skills. It's fun, exciting, but it's definitely not pornographic.

Dean Yeagle

Although I know of his art for quite a long time, I think he still deserves an honorable mention for his excellent pinups of Mandy, the cute clueless southern blonde girl, among the other women he draws.

City Hunters Axe

While this one doesn't qualify as a pinup, it's an Argentinian cartoon, and apparently a toon sponsored by the AXE body spray (wtf). It's about a young man who's girlfriend had left him. He encounters a 70 year old playboy guru, a member of a secret society that specializes in the art of seducing women. He takes the young man under his wing and teaches him the ropes of the game.

The animation itself requires a bit more work, and could use less of the 3D animation that interrupts the fluidity of the scenes. It's not terrific, butI decided to sit back and go "To hell with it" and watched the show for it's sexual humor and over-the-top interpretation of women as dangerous man-eaters. It might give me a few ideas.