Saturday, June 13, 2009

Classy Lady

After much deliberation and pulling of hair over the background, I think I'll have to settle with this particular background. Not because I think it's the best one for this pic, but because I am unable to find anything better.

I has been a very long time since I have drawn any pinup with lingerie. Surprisingly one of the characters I have yet to draw in lingerie was KP, and I have been drawing her for years. It seems quite fitting that I make this lingerie pic the best I possibly can.

The pose was inspired by Lynne Naylor, and the color was chosen after a long process of color switching. I originally tried light purple, to light blue. These colors never seemed to go well with the background colors or with KP herself. I also tried black and semi-transparent black, but they obscure important details and lines that accentuate shape and form. White was a sudden strike of awe as it helps bring out her blush more and makes the contrast between her skin easy on the eyes. White also gives a very delicate feel to a lady that can kick your butt in 16 styles of Kung Fu and makes her appear very inviting instead.

I had to decide on how strongly I wanted to apply the blush on her skin. I didn't want to make it too dark as it would make her look embarrassed, so I made it the lightest possible, which is enough to be seen and gives her a look of mildly blushed arousal.

I am very happy with how I have handled her arms and legs, most importantly at her joints. Her elbows don't lose their shape and the knees are finely curved. They don't have rugged sharp-edged appearances and adds to the delicateness of her body frame.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hello Baby WiP

Move along now, nothing to see here...

Jokes aside though, I have been working hard at incorporating and maintaining what I have learned from Duck Dodgers and adding it to my KP style. I'm quite happy from the fact that my poses are not stiff as they used to be and that I am not using sharp edges when they are unecessary.

I've taken a nod at Lynne Naylor's pose for one of her pics. I feel it suits KP very well. I will have her dressed in the LBD for DA safety. As for the final version I'll have her in lingerie. As for the many years of drawing KP I realized that I've never drawn KP in lingerie before, I suppose that needs to be changed. It'll need to be kept privately for a while for me to assess the colors and fix certain problems.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I think I've finalized my pic of Cookie. Comparing this to the old KP beach pic, this was the style change I've been referring to, I feel it is less stiff in it's pose and is more natural. I also think this will complement my KP style very well.
I was confusing the way I drew KP with the way I was drawing DP styles. For example, I was putting sharp corners in places where they were not needed, elbows, knees and all.

The original sketch for Cookie was less impressive as I drew her head too small and I had to digitally manipulate it to be bigger. I'm not sure if it's WB's style to have very large heads or that KP's head to body proportions were affecting the way I drew them.

This is an exciting change for me, but it's also met with unusually low enthusiasm by my viewers. Perhaps because Cookie is too much of an obscure DD character for them to recognize. As for now I'll be experimenting and trying to maintain this new style of drawing and seeing how I can incorporate it into my other works.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bikini Fun Beach 2

This is a rather old outdated pic I made a month back. I'm posting it now because my art style has gone through a quite major change.

After doing some free sketching and really letting myself go loose, I've adopted a more fluid style of Duck Dodgers, (although I haven't fully mastered drawing the DD ladies yet!)

This is an unexpected benefit to my more recent KP art, because they are now more fluid and don't look so stiffely posed. More akin to Drew Gardner's unique fluidity, while maintatining SFToon's style of anatomy. Unfortunately, the newer pics are for private eyes and my forum goons until we can decide when to release it. For now I'm bumping older pics out of the forum.

So here's the last pic of my known drawing style, and marks a point of change in my drawing style. I can notice how stiff they look and the locked facial expressions. I may revisit this pic sometime in the distant future to adopt my newer style. As far as I'm concerned this one is less impressive compared to the newer stuff I have been pumping out recently. It's a subtle style change, but makes a whole world of difference.

Friday, May 22, 2009

I've recently been hooked on the Duck Dodgers series. For some reason it's a mystery why this show never stuck to me. Then again, back when it was on the air, it wasn't showing on my cartoon channels.

It's amazing how every episode was an excuse to put in some really sexy lady into the show. For some reason they exhibit a sort of John K. type style to them despite the female characters being designed by Lynne Naylor.

Lynne Naylor's art ranges to show very impressive pinups in her style, which is no wonder the show grabs my attention very well with Duck Dodgers as the focus of many one-sided romance events. This is an example of Ms. Naylor's work:

One of the first episodes I saw featuring some random babe was this redhead bounty hunter who was assigned to capture DD and deliver him to the bad guys, she eventually decided to join him to bring in the baddies into the Protectorate custody.

The more daring episode I saw was when DD and Porky had to go undercover in a high school. Yes a high school, with TEENAGERS. I respect the animators level of pure balls to decide to stick it up to the television censors and went ahead to show some cheerleader goods. Once again though, I can't help but notice some John K. type of influence to the human character designs:

Of course, they even gave us a close up of some magnificent panty flashes from the girls who were cheering for Porky.

Look at the smug on his face....

Of course I did not forget the magnificence that is the Queen of Mars. She showcased her flawless body while seducing the audience with her sultry version of Blues in the Night. The show's team were not afraid to give us a good look at her whole body up front:

And a glorious view of her behind:

And let's not forget our accompanying Tex Avery moment:

Oh, look, a Sauna image :D

Speaking of Tex Avery moments, there was one where DD was at what seemed to be a bar that resembles a strip club. Looking on to the dancer known as Space Angel:

Of course here's the response:

Man I love these Tex Avery moments...

In another episode DD and Porky had to team up with a cop to uncover the mystery of some missing diamonds. 70's style:

And it's no surprise that they gave us a relatively redundant scene of her ass... Just to really show it to us.

What really peaked my interest during that show though, was how the Queen showed us some real eye candy by striking a pose in this 70's number:

I also remembered the episode where DD got very close to making out with a supposed chick in an online MMO, but later decided that she was probably some old balding guy who lives in his basement pretending to be a chick.

Boy was he wrong ;)

There are more miscellaneous ladies where I can't adequately put a comment on, like the Catepoids and the Protectorate spy, and others:

With these aside there are other pics where the animators have sneaked in some very subtle innuendo. Like the episode where DD's giant robot fighter crashes inbetween what looks like 2 giant breasts. He recovers, gets up and says "Who built those nuclear power plants here?" Which makes you think, what type of nuclear power plant are shaped like 2 pairs of breasts? ;)

Other strange things include how well Daffy and Porky fit into their cross-dress attire:

Anywho, with these episodes, I will be working on a pic which includes re-using the pic of DD, looking nervously over his shoulder (which is the banner I drew in the title above), to the plethora of attractive ladies lined up behind him. I feel the coloring style I've adopted is pretty okay, we'll see how this goes.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

10 minute sketch!

I was messing around on a piece of paper drawing random poses for Ember when I decided to take a break from it and draw Mandy, Dean Yeagle style.

I can't believe I pulled off a 10 minute Yeagle. I've never considered trying to draw Mandy in the past because I always thought I was never up for the challenge. I'm actually quite happy that this pic didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would be. First time I'm drawing Mandy too, I consider that quite a personal milestone.

I suppose if I continue drawing more Mandy I might be able to master some of Yeagle's techniques. This by no means is a walk in the park. Trying to analyze and learn Yeagle's art is comparable to the Wright Brothers trying to study supersonic jet technology.

Regardless, it's a sketch I've actually felt proud of. Haven't had a feeling like that in a long time. The pic may not look impressive, but it is to me, because I thought I was stuck drawing KP style or DP style all the time. I suppose why it took me hours to draw KP and DP style and do a 10 Minute Mandy pic is because of the anatomy limitations present in DP and KP style. DP style is the worst offender though.

Monday, May 4, 2009


I'm a little bored and decided to make some revisions to an old OC character concept that I've shelved last year.

This one was made in mid 2008 for absolutely no other reason than I was bored.

I revisited this concept again and let myself go completely loose and see what comes out from it. I didn't bother trying to stress over if anything turned out looking correct or not etc.

Ignore the pencil I drew in there. I was just messing around.

Anyway I was bored enough to give this revision a go by inking it in very quickly. In fact this may be my first quickie pic from start to finish. I've made some changes to her hair, her eyes, her name and a few others. Very simple concept, sharpened a bit up, and a worthy opponent for Enigmawing's Gemgirls. :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Let's Get Animated!

A commission by JKR. I actually found a commission from him quite intimidating considering he's a very well accomplished artist himself. Hardest part of this? Probably the deadline. Other than that, it was a piece I've fairly enjoyed drawing.

So here's Erin, teasingly chewing on an insurance paper.


Esurance doesn't use paper. Aren't they supposed to be trying to save the environment? :P

In other news......

I've almost completed my move to my new DA account. It's interesting to see who's actually been following my art and who isn't. It's also quite refreshing to start anew without the unsavory individuals messing the mood.
I'm probably one of the rare type of artist who gets annoyed with his watchers on a fairly regular basis. I find that more and more of them happen to be those who look at toon porn.

I used to be very conservative back when I was drawing fanart 2 or 3 years ago and I've always been open minded on new things and people. I myself decided to interact with the toon-erotica community only very recently. However I find that these sort of people aren't necessarily the best or brightest people to get feeback from and I have been quite naive into thinking so. They are usually looking for the newest picture to pleasure themselves on and move on to the next one. To put on top of that, once they find art that they like better, they will usually treat you like dirt.

I find feedback from these people extremely difficult to interpret as genuine, or just general ass-kissing so that they can get hopes of requesting some art off the artist. I find that behavior extremely parasitic. Which is why I brutally interrogate the people who look at toon porn more than the average art appreciator.

I suppose this is why I am slowly shifting back to the conservative end of the spectrum, but not completely. I might try an explicit picture in the far or near future, but truth be told that I think the best niche would be with pinup art at SFToon's level.
The most fun I've had was drawing with him like with the LBD battle and such. It's a position that 14-Bis and Fluffy have also taken quite a while ago, and chatting with them revealed they had experienced similar problems. That conservative followers are religious nutcases, and on the other side of the spectrum, the porn-loving viewers who turn out to be parasitic morons.

The best ones we come across are those who are in the middle, who don't exclusively look at toon porn and who can appreciate a well drawn piece of art enough to give meaningful feedback and advice.

To be fair, I also surf toon erotica from time to time, but it's only because that I find gems of art from artists like GForce that I have this habit. There are a few, like DarkDP, who can still appreciate a good pinup pic without being parasitic about it. But they are far and few in between and I make very few exceptions. I don't condemn the genre of erotic toon art, I just dislike most of the people involved with it to some degree and the bad attitudes they have.

End of rant. For now :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


This is a special announcement that I am changing my blog URL.

Redirect your interests to

Yes, I have changed my name to LLToon. All of my images will still bear the name LL.

If you are wondering what is going on, please refer to this journal post:

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday SFToon

I've got an alternate version for SFToon. Happy Birthday, friend :)


Saturday, February 7, 2009

For the love for women

I have an update for some new artwork that I've taken an interest in. As I'm trying to give erotic art a go, it somehow doesn't give the same drive and sex appeal as pinups.

As I've dwelled into more research into other artists I have acquired some comics by those who's artwork are beginning to flare up my pin-up mind. :)

Terry Dodson's "Songes"

While I was aware of Mr. Dodson's artwork with Harley Quinn, I was not aware of a comic that he had made entitled "Songes" which featured a young lady who is hired by an eccentric inventor as a governess, but at night she has some interesting dreams. The comic is in French, but as many had said before it, it isn't necessary to understand French to enjoy the comic. There's not much nudity to be seen through the comic but the power of it is in the incredible tease it has on the reader. The main character just has an aura of sexuality that makes you want to turn the page to see what she will do next.

Vincenzo Cucca's "La Route des Maisons Rouges" (The Road of the Red Houses)

An interesting graphic novel illustrated by an Italian artist known as Vincenzo Cucca.

A synopsis written by the CluelessInsider blog describes: "When the mayor announces that the least profitable house will be shut down to make room for a casino, a creative race to increase business begins. Six houses of debauchery compete to attract clients to their respective sexual paradises."

As what was said, the book itself is a massive excuse for Mr. Cucca to exhibit his pin-up drawing skills. It's fun, exciting, but it's definitely not pornographic.

Dean Yeagle

Although I know of his art for quite a long time, I think he still deserves an honorable mention for his excellent pinups of Mandy, the cute clueless southern blonde girl, among the other women he draws.

City Hunters Axe

While this one doesn't qualify as a pinup, it's an Argentinian cartoon, and apparently a toon sponsored by the AXE body spray (wtf). It's about a young man who's girlfriend had left him. He encounters a 70 year old playboy guru, a member of a secret society that specializes in the art of seducing women. He takes the young man under his wing and teaches him the ropes of the game.

The animation itself requires a bit more work, and could use less of the 3D animation that interrupts the fluidity of the scenes. It's not terrific, butI decided to sit back and go "To hell with it" and watched the show for it's sexual humor and over-the-top interpretation of women as dangerous man-eaters. It might give me a few ideas.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stephen Silver draws the sexy

Stephen Silver recently dug into his old character design sheets that were never really seen. He drew sexified characters especially Shego. Drawings I haven't seen before:

Looking back at it I realized that my interpretation of Shego has drifted off from her original flowing lines to one that more subtley followed geometric shapes. Of course, I suppose that was necessary considering that I had her in some impossible poses that would not be compatible with the way he draws his lines.

He also presented his preliminary designs for Jazz Fenton:

I can see how he deliberately made her quite sultry in all 3 steps of the design process, and I'm thoroughly convinced that he knows very well how to work his way around with making a character looking sexy without having to 'cheat' like me by adding hips and curves to the body shape.
It's all in the pose people, it's all in the pose and attitude of the pic. I suppose that's the magic that makes pinups successful.

It also makes me hate Butch Hartman even more because it's obvious that he un-sexified her for the final production. Damn you Hartman!!!!! :P

Anyway, I've been listening to a few wise words from his podcasts, because I've always had the problem of motivation and general frustration of my art.

It's pretty nice he mentions that he's a fan of Jack Davis and that MAD magazine was such a big inspiration for him. Now I can see that he ate the style and added it to his own.

Stephen Silver - Getting passion back into drawing

He mentions things that are parallels mine a bit. That he reaches a point of frustration where he stops and calls himself a lousy artist and who's he fooling. He also mention phases where he moves onto one thing and then moves on to something else when he gets bored of it. I also have the same tendencies.

There's another where he talks about not getting stressed out about your art. There's a sentence that speaks to me in a way where it somehow nails my face in the bulls eye.

Stephen Silver - Stressing about your art

"I know just being an artist and going through all of the struggles, and we all go through it where we all feel down with our artwork. We belittle ourselves, we feel like we're not good enough and that we could be better, and that this person is better and we're not as good as them, and it becomes competitive and all of this becomes madness." - Stephen Silver.

"I could have gone into a frenzy, I could have got into a fit, I could have created all of this frustration, all of this anger. Just being pissed off, I could have punched holes into the walls. I could have done all of this stuff and just hate everything and everyone" - Stephen Silver.

It's surreal to know that he encounters the same pitfalls and lows that I do.