Sunday, May 10, 2009

10 minute sketch!

I was messing around on a piece of paper drawing random poses for Ember when I decided to take a break from it and draw Mandy, Dean Yeagle style.

I can't believe I pulled off a 10 minute Yeagle. I've never considered trying to draw Mandy in the past because I always thought I was never up for the challenge. I'm actually quite happy that this pic didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would be. First time I'm drawing Mandy too, I consider that quite a personal milestone.

I suppose if I continue drawing more Mandy I might be able to master some of Yeagle's techniques. This by no means is a walk in the park. Trying to analyze and learn Yeagle's art is comparable to the Wright Brothers trying to study supersonic jet technology.

Regardless, it's a sketch I've actually felt proud of. Haven't had a feeling like that in a long time. The pic may not look impressive, but it is to me, because I thought I was stuck drawing KP style or DP style all the time. I suppose why it took me hours to draw KP and DP style and do a 10 Minute Mandy pic is because of the anatomy limitations present in DP and KP style. DP style is the worst offender though.


Bobman32x said...

Love Dean Yeagle. I just wisht he Milange book wasnt fucking 50 bucks. Awesome sketch. Surprised suits Many the best

Maxell said...

Very impressive indeed for a 10 minute sketch. You managed to capture the sultry nature of the character and keep the softness that Dan Yeagle's style tends to have. Gorgeous work LL

To Bobman: It is expensive but well worth it, trust me love his work.

Anonymous said...

Love the new header! Any chance you've got a larger version you'll make available?

Anonymous said...

ya, that header is sweet. you just know there is a goldmine of unpublished KP stuff sitting in a folder on LL's desktop somewhere.

Bender Jr. said...

wow this took 10 mins? with all the detail this wouldve taken me close to an hr. not use to don yeagles style so thats why it would take me so long. really impressive work here. nailed his character to a tee.