Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bikini Fun Beach 2

This is a rather old outdated pic I made a month back. I'm posting it now because my art style has gone through a quite major change.

After doing some free sketching and really letting myself go loose, I've adopted a more fluid style of Duck Dodgers, (although I haven't fully mastered drawing the DD ladies yet!)

This is an unexpected benefit to my more recent KP art, because they are now more fluid and don't look so stiffely posed. More akin to Drew Gardner's unique fluidity, while maintatining SFToon's style of anatomy. Unfortunately, the newer pics are for private eyes and my forum goons until we can decide when to release it. For now I'm bumping older pics out of the forum.

So here's the last pic of my known drawing style, and marks a point of change in my drawing style. I can notice how stiff they look and the locked facial expressions. I may revisit this pic sometime in the distant future to adopt my newer style. As far as I'm concerned this one is less impressive compared to the newer stuff I have been pumping out recently. It's a subtle style change, but makes a whole world of difference.


Anonymous said...

You and DP always do the most authentic KP, it's really amazing thanks for sharing.

LLToon said...

I'm always leaving to guess who you anonymous people are :)

Thanks for stopping by though.

Jayrich said...

Well, it is a benefit that you've incorporated Dodgers style into your own, especially since the ladies on that show have decisively shapelier figures than those on KP (save for Shego and a few others, of course). The fact that you're trying out new facila expressions is what caught my attention, though. Love the look on Bonnie's face (and her apparent 'sun bathing', too).

Great pic, LL.