Monday, May 4, 2009


I'm a little bored and decided to make some revisions to an old OC character concept that I've shelved last year.

This one was made in mid 2008 for absolutely no other reason than I was bored.

I revisited this concept again and let myself go completely loose and see what comes out from it. I didn't bother trying to stress over if anything turned out looking correct or not etc.

Ignore the pencil I drew in there. I was just messing around.

Anyway I was bored enough to give this revision a go by inking it in very quickly. In fact this may be my first quickie pic from start to finish. I've made some changes to her hair, her eyes, her name and a few others. Very simple concept, sharpened a bit up, and a worthy opponent for Enigmawing's Gemgirls. :)


14-bis said...

This is a great drawing .
the character is estremelly sexy .

there is nothing wrong on the image .
you are just beeing paranoic over other guys art .

Bobman32x said...

I really like it. Good OC. Has a Kind of Daria meets KP style to it. Id like to see more of these original characters (or just more of her) in the future

Twinsnake said...

Nice idea.
Does her title mean the commits crime dressed n lingerie, or that she only steals it?

Stephen Silver said...

very nice, don't be afraid to share. You can draw very well.
all the best.

LLToon said...
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