Friday, May 22, 2009

I've recently been hooked on the Duck Dodgers series. For some reason it's a mystery why this show never stuck to me. Then again, back when it was on the air, it wasn't showing on my cartoon channels.

It's amazing how every episode was an excuse to put in some really sexy lady into the show. For some reason they exhibit a sort of John K. type style to them despite the female characters being designed by Lynne Naylor.

Lynne Naylor's art ranges to show very impressive pinups in her style, which is no wonder the show grabs my attention very well with Duck Dodgers as the focus of many one-sided romance events. This is an example of Ms. Naylor's work:

One of the first episodes I saw featuring some random babe was this redhead bounty hunter who was assigned to capture DD and deliver him to the bad guys, she eventually decided to join him to bring in the baddies into the Protectorate custody.

The more daring episode I saw was when DD and Porky had to go undercover in a high school. Yes a high school, with TEENAGERS. I respect the animators level of pure balls to decide to stick it up to the television censors and went ahead to show some cheerleader goods. Once again though, I can't help but notice some John K. type of influence to the human character designs:

Of course, they even gave us a close up of some magnificent panty flashes from the girls who were cheering for Porky.

Look at the smug on his face....

Of course I did not forget the magnificence that is the Queen of Mars. She showcased her flawless body while seducing the audience with her sultry version of Blues in the Night. The show's team were not afraid to give us a good look at her whole body up front:

And a glorious view of her behind:

And let's not forget our accompanying Tex Avery moment:

Oh, look, a Sauna image :D

Speaking of Tex Avery moments, there was one where DD was at what seemed to be a bar that resembles a strip club. Looking on to the dancer known as Space Angel:

Of course here's the response:

Man I love these Tex Avery moments...

In another episode DD and Porky had to team up with a cop to uncover the mystery of some missing diamonds. 70's style:

And it's no surprise that they gave us a relatively redundant scene of her ass... Just to really show it to us.

What really peaked my interest during that show though, was how the Queen showed us some real eye candy by striking a pose in this 70's number:

I also remembered the episode where DD got very close to making out with a supposed chick in an online MMO, but later decided that she was probably some old balding guy who lives in his basement pretending to be a chick.

Boy was he wrong ;)

There are more miscellaneous ladies where I can't adequately put a comment on, like the Catepoids and the Protectorate spy, and others:

With these aside there are other pics where the animators have sneaked in some very subtle innuendo. Like the episode where DD's giant robot fighter crashes inbetween what looks like 2 giant breasts. He recovers, gets up and says "Who built those nuclear power plants here?" Which makes you think, what type of nuclear power plant are shaped like 2 pairs of breasts? ;)

Other strange things include how well Daffy and Porky fit into their cross-dress attire:

Anywho, with these episodes, I will be working on a pic which includes re-using the pic of DD, looking nervously over his shoulder (which is the banner I drew in the title above), to the plethora of attractive ladies lined up behind him. I feel the coloring style I've adopted is pretty okay, we'll see how this goes.


Creature SH said...

Actually, most nuclear power plants look pretty boobish. That doesn't lessen the innuendo, though.

LLToon said...

Really? The only other time where I saw some buildings that resembles boobs were on the movie The Naked Bullet.

Creature SH said...

I just looked it up again and realized that "most" isn't quite right at all.

But they do exist. ( Example )

Oh, and my apologies for missing the excellent Daffy WIP right on top. Somehow, it didn't show up in my feeds reader.

Creature SH said...

And apologies for the double post, but I just stumbled upon an even better photo.

LLToon said...

Oh wow... O_o

Matt Dusza said...

I remember watching a few episodes when It aired and I enjoyed it, but It always had a crazy schedule here in the states so it was hard to keep up with it. Plus I dont think it was ever on in syndication on Cartoon network for very long. I think it was on at like 8PM on ABC on Tuesdays or something weird like that.

But It was a great show. IMO its what the new loony toons were (not that other crap with the bad designs). Also, Duck Dodgers somehow was able to write an entire episode around Dave Fucking Mustaine from Megadeth. Words cant say how awesome that one was

Phillip said...

The "boobs" like Power plant from "The Naked Gun" is actually San Onofre Power Plant, just inside San Diego county in California.