Saturday, June 13, 2009

Classy Lady

After much deliberation and pulling of hair over the background, I think I'll have to settle with this particular background. Not because I think it's the best one for this pic, but because I am unable to find anything better.

I has been a very long time since I have drawn any pinup with lingerie. Surprisingly one of the characters I have yet to draw in lingerie was KP, and I have been drawing her for years. It seems quite fitting that I make this lingerie pic the best I possibly can.

The pose was inspired by Lynne Naylor, and the color was chosen after a long process of color switching. I originally tried light purple, to light blue. These colors never seemed to go well with the background colors or with KP herself. I also tried black and semi-transparent black, but they obscure important details and lines that accentuate shape and form. White was a sudden strike of awe as it helps bring out her blush more and makes the contrast between her skin easy on the eyes. White also gives a very delicate feel to a lady that can kick your butt in 16 styles of Kung Fu and makes her appear very inviting instead.

I had to decide on how strongly I wanted to apply the blush on her skin. I didn't want to make it too dark as it would make her look embarrassed, so I made it the lightest possible, which is enough to be seen and gives her a look of mildly blushed arousal.

I am very happy with how I have handled her arms and legs, most importantly at her joints. Her elbows don't lose their shape and the knees are finely curved. They don't have rugged sharp-edged appearances and adds to the delicateness of her body frame.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hello Baby WiP

Move along now, nothing to see here...

Jokes aside though, I have been working hard at incorporating and maintaining what I have learned from Duck Dodgers and adding it to my KP style. I'm quite happy from the fact that my poses are not stiff as they used to be and that I am not using sharp edges when they are unecessary.

I've taken a nod at Lynne Naylor's pose for one of her pics. I feel it suits KP very well. I will have her dressed in the LBD for DA safety. As for the final version I'll have her in lingerie. As for the many years of drawing KP I realized that I've never drawn KP in lingerie before, I suppose that needs to be changed. It'll need to be kept privately for a while for me to assess the colors and fix certain problems.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I think I've finalized my pic of Cookie. Comparing this to the old KP beach pic, this was the style change I've been referring to, I feel it is less stiff in it's pose and is more natural. I also think this will complement my KP style very well.
I was confusing the way I drew KP with the way I was drawing DP styles. For example, I was putting sharp corners in places where they were not needed, elbows, knees and all.

The original sketch for Cookie was less impressive as I drew her head too small and I had to digitally manipulate it to be bigger. I'm not sure if it's WB's style to have very large heads or that KP's head to body proportions were affecting the way I drew them.

This is an exciting change for me, but it's also met with unusually low enthusiasm by my viewers. Perhaps because Cookie is too much of an obscure DD character for them to recognize. As for now I'll be experimenting and trying to maintain this new style of drawing and seeing how I can incorporate it into my other works.