Saturday, April 9, 2011


Lumiere is the real winner here, that guy's got game.

I'm quite sure Babette was the true star of Beauty and the Beast. Belle just hogged the screen time and the Bimbettes spent all their time fawning over a terrible man. Though, I wouldn't mind seeing a movie with just Babette in it! :iconohohohoplz:

Backgrounds, as usual, are the bane of my existence. Look in awe at my nonexistent skillz. :iconbaawwplz:

Friday, April 1, 2011

Mercy and Tabitha

Since people were asking for me to give Mercy a pet, say hello to Tabitha, the pink/purple octopus. She's harmless :)

I made Mercy's lips more uniform in color instead of the usual black upper lipstick since most people were having problems telling that between a moustache.

Gemlord suggetsed a different colored lipstick like deep red or black but after trying them out it didn't seem to fit her. I try not to make her stereotypically Goth, she just likes to wear dark clothing. But we'll see what everyone prefers on her.