Friday, April 1, 2011

Mercy and Tabitha

Since people were asking for me to give Mercy a pet, say hello to Tabitha, the pink/purple octopus. She's harmless :)

I made Mercy's lips more uniform in color instead of the usual black upper lipstick since most people were having problems telling that between a moustache.

Gemlord suggetsed a different colored lipstick like deep red or black but after trying them out it didn't seem to fit her. I try not to make her stereotypically Goth, she just likes to wear dark clothing. But we'll see what everyone prefers on her.


HvonD said...

She looks really cute :D
Great work

LLToon said...

haha thanks! I'm surprised people still visit my blog :D

Dralavant said...

Oooh, Dat Ass! I like the little squid, it's pretty cute.. And I don't normally use that word.