Saturday, June 13, 2009

Classy Lady

After much deliberation and pulling of hair over the background, I think I'll have to settle with this particular background. Not because I think it's the best one for this pic, but because I am unable to find anything better.

I has been a very long time since I have drawn any pinup with lingerie. Surprisingly one of the characters I have yet to draw in lingerie was KP, and I have been drawing her for years. It seems quite fitting that I make this lingerie pic the best I possibly can.

The pose was inspired by Lynne Naylor, and the color was chosen after a long process of color switching. I originally tried light purple, to light blue. These colors never seemed to go well with the background colors or with KP herself. I also tried black and semi-transparent black, but they obscure important details and lines that accentuate shape and form. White was a sudden strike of awe as it helps bring out her blush more and makes the contrast between her skin easy on the eyes. White also gives a very delicate feel to a lady that can kick your butt in 16 styles of Kung Fu and makes her appear very inviting instead.

I had to decide on how strongly I wanted to apply the blush on her skin. I didn't want to make it too dark as it would make her look embarrassed, so I made it the lightest possible, which is enough to be seen and gives her a look of mildly blushed arousal.

I am very happy with how I have handled her arms and legs, most importantly at her joints. Her elbows don't lose their shape and the knees are finely curved. They don't have rugged sharp-edged appearances and adds to the delicateness of her body frame.


Gauntlet101010 said...

The new style really shows. Especially in how the knees and legs are drawn when compared to yer earlier works.

Bender Jr. said...

your mom told you to draw her nude?!?!? well i would like to thank her for the advice. i love how this came out. it's sophisticated, yet seductive. a very fine combination with a thin line seperating the 2. you sir have found the perfect balance.

MoonDarter said...

Very well done, Sir. Your art style has taken quite a leap forward.

LLToon said...

Thanks Gauntlet. the earlier works had very ugly sharp ends.

Bender, yes my mom did suggest it to me once, but I didn't want to at the time. I'm very glad that you don't think that it crosses that line. Sometimes it's too easy to make a pic go one way or another if it's not drawn properly. I suppose you need to make a decision on exactly what type of picture you want people to think it is very early on.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, MoonDarter.

Manetoys said...


Matt Dusza said...

Wow Great job man. I see the Loony Toons Dodger style changes in your art here work very well (particularly in the fingers and the shoulders/neck area where they seem alot rounder and smooth). The color is great, as is the pose. Even the simple things like the ammount of transparancy on the outfit itself are perfect.

Do you mind if I make one tiny suggestion that I think could add a bit to the picture? Try giving Kim a bit of Mascara on her eyes. Nothing huge but maybe a very light tint of blue or pink. From what I read, you weren't too sure about the right amount of blush on her, and I think a small amount of eyeliner/mascara will give more of a "this is makeup, and I want to be in this situation" effect rather than just the blush. Also maybe a little white circle on her upper lip like its lip gloss or something?

Again its just one tiny suggestion to help you out. Regardless though, its a fantastic picture man. Keep up the awesome work.

Kent said...

Fantastic. You've done an incredible job here.

Anonymous said...

I've watched you both on here and DA for some time but never posted, but I must say this is a great piece and you new style works very well for you.

I for one don't feel this when to far at all, but I can understand the fear of doing so from both your posts an my own work.

so Know there are other like myself that feel this was very tasteful. it has a feeling of sexuality sure but it doesn't over whelm nor cross over into pron. now this my not mean anything for someone you don't know but just remember to keep drawing what makes you happy and know there will be people who will love to see it.

Grifter said...

Tastefully done. Her demure doesn't get over taken by the sultry feel of this piece. You have really captured a coming of age Kim that exudes confidence while keeping a touch of coy mystery.

Masterfully executed as always.


Anonymous said...

Very tastefully done. You were right in changing your style..

Not that the other was bad, but your flow into your new/old direction needed a change to make it better. It seems you have found that one.

I look forward to seeing any and all pinups you draw in the future.

Harok said...

The first time I saw this picture, I liked it a lot.
Then again, what can I say? I'm a fan of lingerie... lol
The whole image goes in a natural way and the emotional expressiveness shows the effort put in it. Keep up the great job!

Esenkas said...

Great style LLtoon.

Excellent pic.