Thursday, June 5, 2008


Duhr..... can't decide if I like this pic or not.... So it'll be here instead.


hasu13 said... should like this pic. You nailed her busty sexiness. I know it would win big time at WWOEC if you posted it over there.

levelord said...

Wow, I'm surprised some people still visit my art blog :)

dlt said...
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dlt said...

I already commented your piece on That Other Place but I have to say it again:


In case you're puzzled, that's like three thumbs up times infinity.

EDIT: Apparently you can't edit your older comments, just remove them. Meh.

hasu13 said...

Huh? It doesn't make sense to you that a fan of your work would visit this blog? Heck, I joined up just so I could comment on your page, Levelord. Give yourself some credit. Your stuff is awesome.

CDB said...

Sweet merciful, Jesbus!!!

You captured Desiree and maginficent busty beautifulness perfectly, Levelord!!

You should post this on D.A.!!

Jayrich said...

You're joking right? What's not to love about this pic! It's one of your finest works!

rhr396 said...

I follow this site as much as your dA site. It is interesting to see the twists you make to the pics you post at dA.