Wednesday, July 2, 2008




George said...


George said...


MoonDarter said...

Nice work!

I'd be happy to help her out of that. Er, help her out WITH that!

With. Yeah.

hasu13 said...

Nicely done. The backdrop really makes this picture, like it really is just a screenshot from the show. Love it!

InvaderRik said...


Oh Jenny! said...

Very Awesome! I am glad you found me, that led me to you! Wonderful Works as usual! I really hope that you will do a tutoral on your painting and pentool technic Mr. Lord. I really admire you!

Rashid said...

Hey, what's up with all the sexually suggestive KP fan art? I'm from Malaysia too, and I'm also a hardcore KP fan, and I admit that both KP and Shego are kinda attractive for cartoon characters, but when you're drawing them posing half-naked and looking all wet and horny, it just mindfucks the hell out of me, because you're basically raping one of the best cartoons I've ever watched.

It is a shame actually, because I can see you're a very talented person, and your KP fan art is probably the closest I've seen to the original Stephen Silver's Kim, even in DA.

Wouldn't it be better if you drew them appropriately in their natural setting instead of drawing Kim and Shego molesting each other? That way you can actually put them in your portfolio and show them to actual, normal people instead of basement dwellers on the Internet. You can even show them to professionals if you're aspiring to be an illustrator, and real artists can give you credit.

All and all, nice art work, but next time, less sexual content and more harmless innocent fun, like how KP is supposed to be.

P.S: I see you even have Robot Girl there. I feel like my inner-child is dying.