Sunday, November 30, 2008


I have no idea why everyone in the family hates Meg or why Meg can't get a boyfriend.

Meg's original model is a little 'plump', so to fix this without changing the character model is to suggest putting her into a corset.


Creature SH said...

Personally, I don't mind plumb women at all - Despite of my weakness for a finely toned musculature.

Anyway, I never understood the ongoing Meg jokes on Family Guy. Was she supposed to be unattractive ? If so, they had a massive discrepancy between art and writing. Is the joke that she's actually perfectly fine despite of everyone thinking otherwise ? Not terribly funny in that case.

Regardless, I quite like this piece of art - You did a great job at capturing and enhancing the sex appeal of the character.

Tucsoncoyote said...

Well I like pleasingly plump women, and next to Velma Dinkley of Scooby Doo fame, Meg Griffin just exudes sensuality. Frankly I really am the type of guy who never understood why there is all that "Meg Bashing" that is going on. Frankly Meg could be a hot sexy girl (and that's without the makeover she once had!) All she would need to do is ditch the hat and she's hot to trot.

Frankly I like Meg, and in fact Meg Griffin would be a good girlfriend to have, if she was real..


dlt said...

I'm not into plump girls nor Meg but I like this picture. The corset still doesn't fix her rather bloaty legs, though ;P but Tucsoncoyote is right, she needs to lose the "condom hat", that's a major turn-off.

As for the joke of everyone hating Meg, it's really not a good one and I believe it was fully turned into a running gag after the series was "uncanceled" and - at least for some fans - lost some of its original charm.

So, for those of you who like meatier ladies, Meg is a hottie. For those of us who don't, she just needs to lose a few pounds and I bet she'll look just like her sexy mother.

Andy said...
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Andy said...

I guess it doesn't completely delete the post. Either way fixes the typo I guess.

I just figure she is still growing into her body. After all she is still a high schooler.

dlt said...

BTW I'm not the one uploading your art to 4chan, it's this one guy called "hypno" :P