Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Evil Lady

This is an evil lady. She cheats at poker, shoves pigs onto their sides, hogs all the blanket covers and parks her car slightly ajar in a parking spot. You do not want to meet this lady in a dark alley.....

or do you?

This was made for Linno's art jam. Apparently Mercy is very popular with my viewers, even Linno wanted to make a sketch of her. I'm glad you all like her attitude and design :)


Jenny said...

Hot! I love it.

LLToon said...

Thanks Jenny! I should draw more of Mercy! :D

Jenny said...

Actually cherry is my favorite,but i love them both:)

Can you tell me what program do you use for tracing and coloring?I liked this blog so much,and i love drawing toon girls so i thought giving it a try!but i haven't colored or traced the lines on my lap yet..

LLToon said...

I use Photoschop CS5 to sketch and ink my drawings.

I also use a really crappy tablet, the Wacom Bamboo fun.

Though if you ask me, either traditional sketching or the tablet works fine. In the end of the day, I still have to use the mouse to ink with the pen tool :)