Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Erin Esurance

Hello fellow viewers.

DA has been very disappointing really. There is some pre-teen troll rummaging through my gallery reporting my entire gallery, and even went as far as to report all of my photobucket images. Half of my photobucket images were deleted.

Anyway, here's a little treat for everyone else. At least on blogspot, those trolls have no power here.


MoonDarter said...

*sigh* They're such crusaders at that age. Then they grow up and get worse.

Chris said...

Sad really. I've seen far worse in the "artistic nude" section of DA. I don't think I'll be renewing my DA account.


Kay said...

Heh heh, looks great.

~enigmawing >:)

Tucsoncoyote said...

Tucsoncoyote here,

Frankly Da Has been disappointing.. but then when you're a good if not great artist, then you will be noticed..

Frankly it's interesting that you decided to Do Erin.. After all Erin Esurance art is far and few between. but when it's done in a tasteful way, this shows how good it is.. and believe me, this is tasteful..(a lot more tasteful than some of the stuff over at DA..

But like I said, I like your style and I hope to see more of this kind of Caliber work.. After all you're one of the better artists I know (and I know of quite a few.)