Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tell me who you love?

I got a little rusty. Warm up session.


rhr396 said...

Do you care if I post this on deviant for you? Of course it will be in full credit to you, a way of still getting your work showcased on deviant to your credit. Maybe others will follow and get you reinstated. It was bull what deviant did! Your choice, I'm sure that there are many that will gladley display your art for you.

Taigan said...

O_o;; What's she planning on doing with that microphone? It's certainly not set up for her to sing with. ^_^

Jax said...

That's rough you getting banned on DA butat least we can see your stuff on here

Bartosz said...

Hey, Levelord, this is Varmus from dA speaking :D

Nice pic, never saw DP, but still good pic. Sexy. Damn. Need drool bucket. Again. Khrm.

Again, still visiting dA from time to time? I hope yes, we miss you :P Your ban started a full-blown war in here, it's getting funnier with every passing day... We've already got tons on ice-cream porn of wide variety, and it keeps comin' XD

Anyway, why won't you make yourself another gallery and post up all your art again? Especially deleted ones, I mean. It'd be a great way to show those idiots that reported you where they can kiss you. And probably you'd blow a few of their fuses, too :D Well, I'd do that if I was in your shoes.

Man, keep up the incredibly good work. We are with you.

Seamusdubh said...

Good to see your banishment from dA hasn't cramped your style.

CDB said...

Damn, it's good to see back online again.

Nice job on Ember.

Tucsoncoyote said...

Hey Levelord, Tucsoncoyote here,

Well I know how you feel about DeviantArt, and frankly all those jokers did over at Deviant art, was cause a bit of a mass exodus from that site.. Heck they can ban/delete my account all they want.. Frankly they don't deserve the artwork you put out (which is darn good I say).

But don't worry. because you're among good friends who appreciate art.. Unlike the jokers at Deviant art. Or as I like to say, "Their Loss, Not yours."

But I definitely Like the new Ember pic.. Makes you wonder what she's going to do with that mike..

but as always, Keep going.. after all art is better when it's enjoyed by those who appreciate it.. rather than the jokers who don't..


tennente said...

Levelord.Great amber pic.
I'm sure you're aware of the goings' on at DA.A lot of people would love to hear from you.especially norman sanzo,and tenchichan.If theres' a way for people to reach you.could you let me know.I'll pass the word.Ciao tennente.