Monday, March 3, 2008

Cocktail Party!

Sorry, I'm crap at making titles.

In DarkDP's and SFToon honor:

Never thought Sam looked good in white....



tennente said...

Levelord.Its' good to see you back in the saddle.I'm not sure if you remember me,But Its' tennente from DA.
Just wanted to let you know that you still have a lot of suporters back there.And you are terribly missed.
Also,I just got suspended from DA today.Looks' like I made the bad boy list afterall.
Oh before I forget.I love the pic. sam look's great in white.
Ciao tennente.

Tucsoncoyote said...

Hey Levelord, Tucsoncoyote here..

Well I think you're doing great..(Even though the Deviant Art folks are jerks I might add, and I gave them a little taste of their future...)

But sam in White? I think you're right.. Purple maybe.. black definitely (Being all goth like..)

But dang.. she's hot.. and you know what?


Score one for Levelord.. the king of art..
and to the Deviant art jerks...--



K said...

Dunno if the last one posted but...

Looks nice. The expression is good. I like the way the clothes settle.
As for a title, i would have gone with "Gothic Ivory"

MoonDarter said...

You're right; she doesn't look that good in white. She should take it off.

CDB said...

No goth looked better in white, than Sam is right now!!!

WOW!!!! Great drawing, Levelord.

rhr396 said...

It is great to see you continuing your work. I'm glad I had found this sight a while back. I am really looking forward to the next update on the Stuck and Steamed project you are sharing with DarkDP. Keep up the great work.

Christopher said...

Yet another faithful follower is stopping by to show some support.

I might have agreed with you about her not looking good in white... till I saw this. Almost makes me want to dimension hop (and face a half-ghost) just to say hi.

Keep up the art, even if you have to avoid the *insert long string of expletives* censors at DA.

Whisper from the Shadows

Boyce Williams said...

Hey Levelord:

Just adding my support in the aftermath of the DA debacle. Do you have another site where you post regularly, and maybe a archive? I love looking at your stuff.

RickQWERTY said...

Just stopping by to thank you for this great piece and encourage you to continue posting your art here.

The trolls at DA might have gotten you banned (and others suspended) but your art will always be appreciated by people so wherever you post you can be sure you'll have people admiring and appreciating it.

Flip said...

Hi Levelord!
Your pictures are very nice! I have seen you pictures on DA and I feel said for them kicking such a creative artist like you! I hope you will continue your Kim Possible work and maybe you could make some tutorials, what would be soooooo great! I love your work!! :)

Greetings from Austria (far far away)

Rick said...

Hey you, nice pic!