Friday, March 21, 2008

Princess Clara, and a new signature

Got lazy and did a quickie of Princess Clara from the show Drawn Together.

Also, I made a new sig with my Mascot Oscar (name subject to change if I find a better one), the charming tentacle monster. Originally helped designed by Liea. Thanks Liea!


EvilLathander said...

who from what now?

sorry, never watched the show :P

Tucsoncoyote said...

If you've never seen Comedy Central's Animated Reality TV show, "Drawn Together" you wouldn't understand who "Princess Clara" is.

Clara is but one of 8 different characters that are in the TV Show, and the other that are in it include:

Foxy Brown: She's a rock band type of girl who's a bit of a supersleuth..Think Valerie of Josie and the Pussycats Fame.

Then there Captain Hero.. Obvious for the name and yes he's like Superman. But is he super in bed? Not so much.

Then there's Spanky Ham. This odd Flash Animation comes courtesy of the internet, and just like his counterpart, Foamy the Squirrel, Spanky is a kidder and will urinate on anything...after all he's foul mouthed and loves it..

Next we have Toots Braunstein.. Think Betty Boop who's gotten fat and ugly... and with her being bulemic, she's a candidate for "Ugly dog of the Year award."

Then there's Xandir.. Again think Link from the Legend of Zelda. This Elven warrior is in fact from a video game, and don't tell anyone but he's "Coming out of the closet" so to speak.

Our seventh character is in fact Ling-Ling.. A Pikachu with an appetite for beating monsters..of course you can't understand Ling Ling because of his voice, it's just that' he's Japanese.. and well You get the idea..

This then brings us to Princess Clara.. And believe me, Clara is the personification of the Disney Genre (Except for Maybe Kim Possible and Shego). Clara is a bit upstanding, a bit moralistic, a bit of a bible thumper, and when need be, to keep her daddy happy, she'll strip off her clothes..(In one episode she actually does..)

But Man for 8 looney toons in a cartoon house? It's worth the watch..

Now as for your picture Levelord.. Man she's hot close up and personal... Maybe if we back off a little, and have her do a "Girls Gone Wild" bit we could see Clara in all her glory..and do it in a tasteful way!

oh and for that.. DA Can't Have her! MUHAHAHAHAHA!

Okay too much soda...


Andy said...

Great pic man clair and foxxy are a person favorite.

LOL girls gone wilds but tasteful.
not mocking but the wording struck me as funny.

Christopher said...

Love the expression on her face. I've only seen the show a handful of times, but I laughed every time.

As for your mascot... it looks kinda like the FSM (pastafanarianism's "god"), sweet.