Monday, December 8, 2008

Frankie Chillin'

Exhibit 1: Failed Frankie attempt. January. Even Bloo knew I failed there.

Exhibit 2: Second try in December


dlt said...

DAMN that's some impressive linework there in the second pic, I wish I knew how to do that. The first one has a nice pose and it's close to the original design but the proportions are off. Then again, you noticed this and halted all the work with it before going further - and that's a good sign. I really wish there were more "toon loving" artists that'd also notice when something isn't coming up the right way instead of publishing each and everything they've scribbled. Anyway, both fukken saved!

Also, the finished pic has a filename Untitled-1 :P

Bobman32x said...

not crazy about her lips, but everythig else looks great. should have gone with hair down frankie though