Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tracefaggotry inc.



What was even worse was that this 'artist' was making money off these traced drawings. I find that offensive. >.<


dlt said...

Me too. It's nice that you're exposing some of these faggots.

JAB's probably the favourite target of all tracers, I'd say roughly 60% of all The Flintstones pr0n is either traced or badly 'shopped from his old parody art.

Creature SH said...

The last one just confuses me. Why would anyone trace a shot where they have to change 90%, anyway ?

Oh, right.. probably traced those parts from other sources.

davezavu said...

Some might say, "What's the harm?", and many start their art by tracing. The fact is that tracing is a beginners tool that should quickly be replaced by true technique. The real crime is in the practice of seeking credit without doing the work which is pretty lame. Everyone knows that at the bottom of that bucket are those that try to profit from the work of others.

Andy said...

Its a shame because as you said it is indeed beginers tool. Just give credit where credit is due.

Frog God said...

-sandy cheeks (sponge bob square pants)
-the twins (johny test)
-alien queen (duck dodgers)
-totaly spies
-mom (secret saturdays)
-chick P (chop socky chucks)
-doctor girl friend (the venture brothers)