Monday, January 12, 2009

Dangerous moves

KP: Stop right there Dementor! I know 16 styles of Kung Fu!

Dementor: HAHA! Those moves won't save you from my HENCHMEN!!!! GET KIM POSSIBLE!

*Kim begins to stretch over*

*Dementor pauses*

Dementor: Those are some impressive... Moves...

A tribute to SFToon's LBD pic with Kim bending, I've decided to have my own bendy pic.

Who's badder now, Rick? ;)

Shameless plug.... My Bday is on the 21st :)

I'm considering the idea of taking up a limited number of commissions, starting from February/March. I have 2 slots available, e-mail me about it if you're interested. There are certain topics and genres I can't do at the moment, but I'll leave that up for negotiation. I also reserve the right to decline offers if necessary.


dlt said...

I'd say Kim's butt and legs are way more impressive than her moves, lol

Good pic, nice to see Dementor and once again, I love the background.

Bday noted.

Alex said...

Totally sending you an e-mail... XD

Great pic, by the way, and GREAT use of one of the funniest KP villians!

Bobman32x said...

Fantastic. I made a more detailed comment on the dA page.

hasu13 said...

Damn...poses like that always make me cringe; I suppose it just looks painful to me (very low flexibility). Still, I can certainly appreciate how well drawn it is and the attention to anatomy and how her body would move.

Creature SH said...

Excellent art... And, if it wasn't for standards and practices (or whatever they call it), I could definitely see that happening in the show, too.

spasemann said...

bet she can't do that naked

BillyWitchDoctor said...

I suddenly remember two things:

First, Wade loves "stealth" features. In "Overdue," he brought back the Wade-Bot for a mission with Ron. When danger struck, Ron would hide behind the Wade-Bot, only to be exposed when the Wade-Bot turned invisible.

In other words, the "stealth" feature didn't extend past the mecha itself.

Second, Wade added that same feature to Kim's battle suit.

Hmm...oh my.