Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hair Razor

Well, I've been intrigued recently by Hair Razor, watching the episode 'Chindred Spirits' from Fairly Oddparents. I've started off by using what little reference material I had to construct basic 5-minute sketches of the character to get used to her appearance, movements and personality.

After that, I will begin to make a more detailed and more carefully thought out sketch , starting with a miniaturized version on the top left to establish a pose I like and then working on a larger version next to it.

Which I then finalize with cleaning up and making a witty dialogue coupled with a story. I believe a good story always makes a good picture.

Caption: Hair Razor makes the Crimson Chin discover a new nemesis, the Barraging Boner.


dlt said...

I already praised this pic on IRC but I can say it again:




Epic win.

Bobman32x said...

Wow. Exellent on all levels. Colors style, body, and its fantastic man. great job

Jomama billybob said...

Absolutely fantastic, WONDERFUL. How's it going in where you are.

astaroththekiller said...
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astaroththekiller said...

Amazing! And blonde Golden Look?

I still do not know where to find the episodes of last season, did not even exist in Spanish.

Have you seen the episode "King Chang"? Appears Mandie in wedding dress ... In Yugopotamia exist Christian weddings?... That does not matter, what it is I would be interested to see Mandie in a suit for her honeymoon, how react Mark? n//////n

Olivier PAILLE said...

Excellent image ! WelldoOOone ! :p