Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy belated Bday Rick

It was SFToon's birthday on the 28th of February. I guess this was a good intermission pic while taking a break from drawing some Dragon's Lair stuff. Don Bluth's style has interesting proportions, especially with the large feet :)

Enjoy, this is the full resolution.

Edit: Oh well. It seems Blogger reduced the resolution a teeny bit. However, the full res can be found here as well:


CDB said...

Another Flawless gem, Levelord. That's the best gift a guy could want for his birthday.

Sean said...

I entirely agree with CDB. You drew a pose that is incredibly seductive, and in her full battle-suit, no less! Kim wears it as comfortably as a bit of lingerie.

I don't recall if I've posted here before (on your blog itself), complimenting you on your skill, so let me just add my voice to the throng; you are a top favorite of mine.

Also, I'm really blown away by your experiments with Disney and other art styles, and your own versions. Keep on drawing and emulating - it will lead you from strength to strength.

Thank you for sharing with us - this pin-up has made my whole year.

LLToon said...

Nice to see it's made you happy Sean :)

Spiritto said...

Not bad! hey! I linked you to my blog! (I think is rude to post your blog's address in a comment, so you can find it through my journal in DA)

Rick said...

Hey, thanks man!